Frequently Asked Questions


  • About IDP Connect

    Hotcourses International is part of the IDP Connect. Founded in 1996 and with over 300 employees in offices in London, Sydney, Delhi, Chennai and Boston, the IDP Connect has built the most comprehensive program search comparison websites in the world.

    Our Hotcourses Abroad site lists degree opportunities (currently over 400,000 programs) from a wide range of accredited institutions across 48 destination countries. Through our Ultimate Search tool, students can find detailed program information and match their own grades and IELTS scores against college entry requirements.

    If you would like help generating more enquiries or guaranteeing enrolments, please contact

  • What is My IDP Connect?

    My IDP Connect is a content management application designed to give learning providers the ability to manage their own program data on the IDP Connect database. The tool enables users to add, update and delete programs, venues and departments on the database quickly, easily and at a time that suits you.

    IDP Connect advertisers can also use the application to manage a variety of paid for options, including traditional advertising profiles and our unique insights tools.

  • Why should I use My IDP Connect?

    Our websites are accessed by millions of domestic and international users each year, giving you direct contact with vast numbers of potential students.

    My IDP Connect provides you with a platform to manage your program information on our sites quickly and easily at a time that suits you. Such access gives you the opportunity to keep your program details up to date, ensuring that students are always viewing the most relevant information for them.

  • How do you decide who appears on the IDP Connect sites?

    We have a core set of learning providers that we list on our sites, largely consisting of top-ranked providers and IDP Connect advertisers. In some cases, we will also list learning providers that have an educational partnership to these larger institutions, such as those offering pathway routes into higher education.

    We also have institutions outside of these criteria that appear on our sites as a result of advertising spend with us, whilst also adhering to our quality standards for international learning providers.

    If you are interested in having your institution appear on our sites, please contact


  • Do I need to register in order to use My IDP Connect?

    Yes. Simply click the ‘Join’ button in the top right hand corner of the page, enter some details about your institution and await approval of your registration.

    If the institution you are registering already exists on our database, you will be able to select it from the available options on the ‘Name of Institution’ field.

  • I’ve registered but still cannot access My IDP Connect. What’s wrong?

    If you have registered an institution that was not already on our database, the IDP Connect team will need to verify your institution against the criteria we set for program listings on our sites. We aim to approve your details in one working day, however sometimes it may take longer.

    If you have registered and selected a learning provider that was already on our database, then your institution will already have an administrator internally who is responsible for approving new user requests. If you have not heard from the administrator within three working days, then please get in touch with us by replying to your original registration email.

  • Why does my registration need to be verified?

    The verification process is essential in order to prevent unauthorized users making unapproved amendments to an institutions program data. The process also helps us to identify instances where an institution has been registered on more than one occasion.

  • Can more than one person have access to our listings?

    Yes. Each user will need to register at and the administrator will need to approve each registration. There is no limit to the number of editors you can have per institution.

Program Information

  • Can you upload program information on our behalf?

    We currently upload program information for those providers on our sites once per annum.

    However, we strongly recommend that learning providers maintain their own program information to ensure that the data being shown to users on our sites is still relevant and doesn’t result in frivolous enquiries.

  • How do I add a program?

    Once you have logged in to simply navigate to ‘My Program Info’ on the main toolbar, and click on the ‘add a program’ link that appears on the resulting menu.

  • How can I access my existing programs?

    Once you have logged in to simply navigate to ‘My Program Info’ on the main toolbar, and click on the ‘view and edit programs’ link that appears on the resulting menu. Clicking on a program title will allow you to view further details of the program and make amendments if required.

  • What is the difference between programs and deliveries?

    On our sites, we tend to split programs out into two sections.

    The program represents the details of a program that are less subject to change, such as the program title, the qualification achieved upon completion, the program summary any entry requirements required to enroll.

    The delivery represents details that are likely to be more variable and depend on a student’s circumstances, such as start dates, study modes and tuition fees.

    Programs are split in such a way so as to prevent the duplication of details where a program may be taken in a number of different ways; one program can have many delivery methods attached to it.

  • I get an error message when I try to save

    Our error messages are written in such a way as to advise you on what needs to be corrected before you can proceed; please read the information given in the error message and take the appropriate action.

    You may also receive warning messages that are advising you of a potential discrepancy in the information you have supplied. There may be no action for you here

  • What is the point of the warning messages?

    We have embedded a number of validation rules into My IDP Connect to help us collect high quality, accurate information. A warning message means there is a potential discrepancy in the information supplied. Please read the information given in the error message and take the appropriate action.

  • I submitted a program but it isn’t showing on the IDP Connect websites

    For IDP Connect advertisers, any changes you make will be validated by our team prior to being sent live on our sites. The validation process is an extra audit we put in place to ensure there are no anomalies with the program data and that your programs appear in the searches they are supposed to.

    For non-advertising providers, any changes you make will be processed overnight and will appear live on our sites within twenty-four hours.

  • I cannot save my program details

    Please ensure you have completed all mandatory fields. If you have missed out any mandatory information you will not be able to proceed.

    If you are a IDP Connect advertiser, you may not have a save button visible if someone else has made changes that haven’t been sent to our team for validation. The user who made the original changes must send their own changes live before you can make amendments to the data and save new information.

  • How often do I need to update my information?

    We recommend that you update your program details as often as is necessary to ensure that there are always future start dates for your programs.

    At an absolute minimum, you should update your programs at least once every two years as failure to do so will result in the program automatically dropping off of our sites.

  • Are there any restrictions on the number of programs, deliveries or venues I may add?

    You can add as many programs, deliveries or venues as necessary.

    For programs, be sure to remember that you don’t need to add multiple programs if you offer different study modes, study locations etc. You can simply add multiple deliveries to each set of program details.

    For venues, please remember to only enter fixed address venues.